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Flying Experiment Success

We were completely overwhelmed by all the support we received, which enabled us to raise well over our target amount for our skydives – £14500 (so far!)

We did wonder if we should have waited until 2014, as 2013 seems to have lived up to its superstitious connotations! But it was an unbelievably gorgeous day – we could actually see as far as Rutland Water (40 miles!)

Mummy was too scared to come and watch, but Daddy seemed to enjoy himself (he even had to be reminded that he wasn’t allowed to board the plane without a parachute!) and it was so lovely of Jackie Beaumont (head of OOSO) to come and support us and Jacob Davis. We even learnt that Jackie herself is a very proficient skydiver and a pilot to boot! Very inspiring!!!

And just to prove we weren’t imagining it here are a few photos…

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