New Age fitness: The Curve, the Watt Bike and my First ever Personal Training session

So getting a road bike hasn’t proved quite as easy as we’d expected. Sadly it seems – we cannot just walk into a bike shop eager and excited and exchange our cash for shiny new bikes! Alice and I are apparently verging on deformed having unusually long legs and short backs meaning we really need a specially adapted ladies bike in a large. So far not a single shop (and we’ve tried a few!) has had one in stock that we can try.

Having tried a selection of mountain bikes, cyclocross, touring bikes and road bikes at the super helpful Beeline Cycles we at least now know that we both want a road bike. (We actually REALLY want one!) A few months ago I never could have believed I would be so excited about getting a bike! A couple of people have very kindly agreed to order some in for us to try, but that takes a few days meaning we have had to consider other avenues to get our post exercise endorphin fix…

I decided to try some of the new more funky looking equipment in the gym and even had my first ever experience of personal training. It has been a pretty fun week of firsts!



This was my first experience of a self-powered running machine. It is the human equivalent of a hamster wheel.

According to Woodway, the manufacturers, it breaks all the rules; runs on sweat and determination and burns up to 30% more calories than a conventional running machine. From personal experience I would say that this is definitely true. In just over 17 minutes I had burnt 400 calories – and I didn’t even run the whole time. Just out of interest I went straight onto a conventional machine, set the pace at 10km/hour and incline at 2.5 and it felt like I was expending zero effort in comparison.

Running on the curve is hard work and constantly uphill, but I like this. It feels less damaging to the joints and more natural because you are controlling the pace with your legs, not buttons. It did take some getting used to – I wasn’t sure I’d be able to maintain my balance or slow down without falling over for the first few minutes, but I quickly got comfortable and I’m not sure I’ll ever be satisfied with a conventional running machine again!



Apparently the Wattbike is the first factory calibrated indoor bike to deliver accurate, consistent performance data and technical feedback…

I am still getting my head around this one.

I think I need a few more sessions to really appreciate all its functions, but I did enjoy the experience. The riding position is comfortable and it is very easy to use, it feels much more like riding an actual bike. I also found it helpful that it told me that I was generating more power with my left leg than my right – I guess it is good to work on balancing these things out early on. I will definitely be using this more in the coming weeks, while I await a real bike of my own!



The Virgin Active near my office were giving free trial personal training sessions and this seemed like too good an offer to pass up! I have always been a bit dismissive of personal trainers, refusing to accept that I need to pay someone to motivate me to push myself and thought that my combination of running, yoga, spinning, swimming and the odd squash match was already pretty rounded.

I clearly need to re-evaluate that position.

In just an hour I did more different kind of strength training exercise that I have done in the last year; learnt what TRX actually is; discovered I love kettlebells (as a tool); that I can actually do a pull up and that working on your abs can be fun! I especially enjoyed working with the medicine ball. And I really noticed the difference in my body – even after just one session! I could feel all the muscles I had worked, but also my core felt stronger and more defined.

I will definitely be tempted to sign up for more of these! But if anyone knows where we can find ladies road bikes with a 56” frame and a triple chain step ASAP please do let us know!!

This is our new dream bike:


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