Blenheim Triathlon – 9th June 2014


The triathlon was so much more fun that I’d expected 🙂

Having freaked myself out a little with that bad swim a few weeks ago I was not looking forward to the swim, especially knowing that my team mates would only get to compete if I finished. (when we entered all the individual places had sold out, so we decided to do it as a team, which certainly made things more interesting!)

In the end the swim was actually really fun – I was actually too hot and finished in a respectable 14 minutes… which just made me feel like it didn’t even count as exercise it was over so quickly! Mummy actually probably took the most exercise just running round after us trying to take photos!!

Alice managed to stretch the cycle out for nearly 40 minutes, but was going so fast we couldn’t get a photo of her actually on her bike…

We then nearly killed our team mate by making him race us for the last 100m… oops!!

But all in all it was a great day – and Daddy would have absolutely loved it! We felt certain he was there in spirit. He was always so supportive and never got tired of running around supplying us with water, food and sun-cream at all kinds of sporting events.  I distinctly remember him missing the rugby world cup to come and take me to a competition with my horse… in between sessions he’d sneak back to the car to get an update from the radio, but he still made me feel like there was nowhere he’d rather be than supporting me! He was amazing like that 🙂

I am so happy to have conquered my swimming issues and am now getting quite excited about Windermere!

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