Jane’s enchanted Tea Garden worked it’s magic :)

Over the last few weeks our weekends seem to have developed a familiar rhythm. We congregate on Friday night happy to be together and excited for the weekend’s training, but invariably something happens…

Perhaps it’s when we are all together that Daddy’s absence is most noticeable, or maybe we do just all need to let off some steam. Usually I say or do something (totally unintentionally) which makes Mummy cry, and we all go a bit mental for a short period… Then we calm down enough to agree to just get on our bikes and some sort of magic seems to intervene (the endorphins kick in) and within the space of a few miles, we are once again the best of friends…

Jane's enchanted Tea Garden 1

This weekend was no different except perhaps the degree! We had planned two heavy (by our standards!) training days this weekend, 38miles on Saturday and 38 miles on Sunday (incorporating a 1km swim), and as if to match this the emotional outburst pre-cycle was the most intense yet and it was all over nothing…

In fact if anyone has arrived at our house at around 11am on Saturday they probably would have thought they’d entered an insane asylum! It was two months to the day since Daddy’s death and I think the outburst actually helped us release some pent up emotions.

We had a lovely ride to Kirtlington, where we found Jane’s enchanted Tea Garden, which was fittingly magical…

We cycled down a long lane, where there was no suggestion that you might find anything remarkable (we even asked a passerby, just 50m away whether we were on the right path and he had no idea what we were talking about… ) but finally we saw the sign and a gate that welcomed us in, down a little overgrown path… to the most unexpected display of utterly amazing cakes! It was totally different to what I’d expected.

It seemed somewhere between the setting for a circus, a seance and an old fashioned garden party, with a little bit of Hansel and Gretel Magic thrown in…

Jane's enchanted Tea Garden 7

It was a children’s paradise and certainly revived us for the final 15miles of our journey. The steaming hot tea came in a real steel teapot, the cakes tasted even better than they looked and the ice-cream was home-made with milk from Jane’s very own cow, Wendy  (we actually saw Jane milking her as we left!)

The only difficulty was choosing what to eat… the lemon an poppyseed cake was Alice’s favourite, while Mummy favoured the gluten-free rhubarb crumble cake. Personally I thought the scones and cream were hard to beat!  Needless to say we can’t wait to go back! Fortunately it is a good 16 miles away, even going the most direct route – so we figure that we’ll have earned our cake by the time we get there 🙂

I wonder if our neighbour would mind lending us a few cows to make our own ice-cream? They certainly looked cute…


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2 thoughts on “Jane’s enchanted Tea Garden worked it’s magic :)

  1. Diana

    Where did you ‘splash’?

    • Hi Diana, We cycled to Berinsfield Lake on the Sunday and did a 1km swimming lap before cycling home… So that it really was a mini “BikeSplashBike”…

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