On our way…

We are currently on the train to Penzance and it doesn’t yet feel real!At Reading Station

In some ways it feels a lifetime ago that we dreamt up this crazy adventure, when we had (somewhat delusionally) hoped that Daddy would be following us on our route taking in the best golf courses along the way… Yet at the same time the last few weeks and months have whizzed past at lightening speed and I suppose the most we can say is that we’re probably as ready as we’ll ever be! Hopefully Daddy will be watching over us (and ideally, blowing any bad weather away!)

We have been completely overwhelmed by all the support, kindness and generosity we have received from old friends, new acquaintances and some people who hardly even know us. Without all this we would never have even made it this far… A few people in particular have made an especially massive difference!

Danny at cycles UK – thanks for being the first to believe in our dream all those months ago and giving us such awesome bikes 🙂 when you asked what bikes we wanted and I just said “anything better than a Boris bike” you could have just laughed me out of the shop, but you helped us turn our plan into action! Thank you 🙂

Borut Strel – thank you for showing us such An awesome time in Croatia and kick starting our swimming training – your confidence and humour were just what we needed and hopefully your training tips will mean we survive our swim 🙂

Tori Gorman – you are an inspiration – swimming the channel makes Windermere seem like just a moderate sized puddle!!

Two people in particular (you know who you are!) have gone above and beyond the bounds of ordinary friendship… From kayaking behind us for 7hours in pouring rain to taking time off work to sort our bikes, our cars, our kit. We can’t thank you enough… And if you keep us afloat for the length of Windermere you will truly be heroes!!

It it is frightening how many people we’ve met recently who are suffering with Oesophageal cancer whenjust a couple of years ago I didn’t even know it existed. Hopefully the money we have raised will help in some way (however tiny a way) to mean that a cure can be found sooner… And hopefully focussing on that thought will get us up the tougher hills and through the colder patches of water!

Here is a video I watched recently when looking for inspirational pep talks – Randy Pausch famously delivered this lecture on “achieving your childhood dreams” when he knew he was dying of pancreatic cancer. It was his way of making a lasting contribution and leaving behind a memorable message for his children! His attitude is inspirational…


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