Day 4: Moretonhampstead to Bridgewater

Miles travelled: 69

Metres climbed: 1000 (despite Alice promising there were only 600!!)

Emergency rations: too many to recount!!

Today was Georgie’s grumpy day!!! After about 700m climbing ( 3hours of almost entirely uphill cycling) and lunch options nowhere to be found… I almost lost the plot!! When Alice tried to pacify me with a banana I’m sure you imagine my reaction 😉

image image 

(Alice seems to be an indefatiguable machine… I don’t know what she’s on, but I want some!!)

imageI actually started hallucinating that every distant house must be a pub!! Fortunately we soon turned the corner and descended to a very ‘real’ pub, which not only served us real food, but was also home to a beautiful mantle Great Dane… Actually the first adult one I’ve ever seen, which was rather strange as Mummy is collecting exactly that kind of puppy a few weeks after we get back! 

From lunch onwards everything was easier 🙂 A lovely few hours of downhill cycling, a brief stint alongside a canal (sadly the towpath was a little too rocky for Alice’s liking), a whizz through Taunton and into Bower… Where we just had a triple portion of the best brownie I’ve ever tasted!!! 


I’m deluding myself that tomorrow will feel nice and flat after Cornwall and Dartmoor… Aside from the Mendip hills of course!!

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3 thoughts on “Day 4: Moretonhampstead to Bridgewater

  1. Caroline Laing

    I feel exhausted just reading this! Well done girls and I am sure you will look at the West Country with new respect!

  2. Suzie Hall

    Hi Girls, We’re following your progress with great interest and feeling your pain. Keeeeep cycling and well well done. All love – Suzie and Ian xxx

  3. Siobhan McNab

    Back in Brussels and reading your updates. I am so impressed! Am with you in thoughts and spirit. Wishing you energy and enjoyment on your so impressive and difficult challenge. Day 6 tomorrow … keep going!!! Lots and lots of love to the three of you, Siobhan xxx

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