Day 5: Bridgewater to Brynderwyn Court (otherwise known as fairyland!)

Miles travelled: well over 90 (after 10 hours in the saddle my garmin died so it’s an estimate!!)

Mikes travelled in the dark: about 10

Metres climbed: well over 1200image

So what we thought would be a nice flat 66miles turned into a 95 plus mile slalem… With a BIG hill! Now that we’ve realised Alice thinks Wales is further south than Oxford she’s been temporarily demoted from chief navigator to chief morale booster!!

The scenery was fantastic…

Burnham on Sea imageimage

and crossing the Severn Bridge (when we finally realised that having crossed the river Avon did not mean we were in Wales!) was a major highlight!!

imageimage image image

The scenic route from the Severn to Bettwys Newydd was unbelievable beautiful… The dusky pink sky and our fatigue induced delirium only enhanced the natural beauty!! As darkness descended… With only one torch between us some members of the group experienced moments of concern…

Finally we passed the Black Bear Inn and the welcoming lights if Brynderwen Court appeared on the horizon like a mirage… The Williams family welcomed us like conquering heroes… With banners, fireworks and champagne! We soon forgot our aches and pains as we devoured Peter’s sensational chicken pie and amazing pavlova… We can’t thank them enough for their amazing hospitality!! As Daddy would have said… “Nobody does it better”!!


photos to follow when we get sufficient signal!!

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One thought on “Day 5: Bridgewater to Brynderwyn Court (otherwise known as fairyland!)

  1. Siobhan McNab

    95 miles!!!! You are doing sooo well. And what great photos. Thinking of you constantly.
    Keep up the eating – so important!
    Lots of love and three huge hugs!

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