Day 14: Loch Lomond to Glen Coe

Miles travelled: 54

Metres climbed: 760

Hours of torrential rain, wind and hail: 8

So far our experience of Scotland is that it is every bit as bleak as it is beautiful! The scenery certainly is stunning, it’s just that today we only got to glimpse it through sheets of rain and fog. Apparently the “real feel” temperature today was 2 degrees C, which was definitely a little colder than we’d planned for…

Today at was all about the stops! We planned our route around places where we could shelter from the elements… The first was the atmospheric Drovers Arms for the best coffee of the trip..

Then after a few more soggy hours we stopped at Tyndrum to defrost and refuel… The Real Food Cafe was fantastic – definitely set us up for the afternoon ahead 🙂 I certainly would like the recipe for their Lime Courgette Cake…


Glen Coe didn’t seem as big a climb as we’d expected, but that was partly because we couldn’t see all that much… Nevertheless it was very satisfying to know that we have reached the Highlands and crossed Rannoch Moor…

It was colder than we’d realised and Mummy was almost hypothermic by the time we reached the Clachaig Inn and my feet were almost frostbitten (sorry for the gross picture!) 😦

image Fortunately a hit shower and a hearty dinner left us all feeling much better!!!



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3 thoughts on “Day 14: Loch Lomond to Glen Coe

  1. jon

    What relentless hardy souls you are! At Assynt they used to say that a light breeze and drizzle constituted a lovely day; but I see you now have some sun and a following breeze for the most spectacular part of your ride. Phew! I am very tempted to follow your route to try all those lovely sounding cafe’s, pubs and hotels; but I’d need four wheels and an engine so wouldn’t qualify for the well earned welcomes you have been receiving. You are doing David so proud.

  2. Alesia Weston

    Very inspired by you all! Finally worked out that I can track this more here than on FB. Good going Weston Gals. Sending you love, Alesia

    • Thanks so much for all your support Alesia!! Can’t wait to catch up properly when we have real signal!! Sending so much love from all of us!! Xxx

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