Day 17: Inverness to Dornoch

Miles travelled: 46 miles

Metres climbed: 480

Sea crossings: 3 (as mummy neither enjoys heights, boats or bridges you can imagine that today’s route was right up there with her favourites ;))

In the spirit of never going anywhere directly we decided to head for the West coast of Scotland via the East coast! We can’t totally blame Alice this time as we’d always planned to stop at Dornoch… A place Daddy had visited a couple of times to play golf many years ago and had wanted to show mummy (when we were route planning several months ago this had been on his “must see” list…) coming this way also means we are able to avoid most of the horrid A9 🙂

Alice navigated excellently out of Inverness over the Moray Firth and on to the Black Isle, for our first crossing of the day…


Once on the Black Isle we headed directly uphill on b-roads for what felt like eternity, but the views weren’t bad…

and after 400m climbing and 10 or so miles it was mostly down hill to Cromarty 🙂 a very quaint town which feels almost at the end of the earth. After a quick and delicious snack at  Coupers Creek we got the tiny Cromarty ferry to Nigg…

After admiring the retired oil refineries we had a lovely flat(ish) stretch for 20 or so miles before we passed the Glen Morangie distillery, and succumbed to the temptation to have a look…


None of us had realised that Whisky could cost £30,000 a bottle!!

Then it was just a few miles along the A9 and over the bridge accross the Dornoch Firth and into the smallest City in the UK…

It is easy to understand why Daddy loved this sleepy city nestled along miles of the most tranquil coastline… After a quick dip in the North Sea Alice and I are both hoping that Windermere will be at least a couple of degrees warmer!!

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