Lake District: Kentmere Horseshoe

The day after Scafell we thought we’d go for a leisurely hike – just to entertain ourselves for the day. Little did we realise that this “little hike” would take over 10 hours and be far more intense than Scafell itself!

We were so blase about the whole thing that we’d had gone for a little explore around Crossthwaite before breakfast. It was beautiful scenery, but clearly the route wasn’t regularly used…

By the time we reached Kentmere Church it was after midday, but we figured we’d be just fine – how long could 10 miles take? We parked by the church and set off to conquer the kentmere horseshoe. Foolishly, having slightly over-indulged in our “all included” dinner the night before… (We had stayed at The Punch Bowl Inn, as they had generously given us an excellent deal for our last minute booking. The food was really delicious, if slightly fancy for us hungry hikers and the rooms were fabulous!)

We decided that an apple each would be sufficient sustenance for the hike… Oops. It took us about an hour to realise that the little loop we had thought we could see from the car park was in fact NOT the Horseshoe we had set out to do. The route was stunning and continuously up and down…

On the way back just as we were really flagging – the heat and lack of food were taking their toll we came across a magical stream which we just couldn’t resist…

After our refreshing swim we ran into the most beautiful trio of ‘wild’ horses – it seemed so mystical we almost thought we were imagining them…

It was a fabulous walk! The best I think I’ve ever done, but after 10 hours we were still very glad to see the sign for the church…

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