Lake District: Scafell

Our first “team training” session was a weekend in the Lake District. We stayed at a fabulous B&B in Kendal:  HoweKeld was perfect, our hosts were incredibly welcoming and the food was fantastic. It felt like staying with friends, only better!  Definitely worth looking up if you are considering a trip to the area.

Our training started with Scafell, escorted by a charming local Fireman who Alice met Kite-surfing in Tarifa. His gorgeous dog Skye put us to shame, by repeatedly lapping us enroute:

We started from Borrowdale following a chalky winding road:

We spent ten hours hiking (not all of it was following a direct route!) It was a gorgeously sunny day so the spectacular scenery of the Lake district was in full view.

On our way down the mountain (or hill!) we came across a lake so beautiful it almost seemed like a mirage…

We did a couple of laps for good measure. It was perfectly peaceful, except for Alice’s incessant screaming 😉 she has a bit of a way to go before tackling Windermere it seems, as this little pond was enough to conjure up images of sea-monsters, giant pirhana and man-eating sharks in her overactive imagination!

When we made it back to the start we had been hiking for over 10 hours, and we were hungry!!! Luckily we found a wonderful pub-restaurant just a few minutes drive from the beginning of our walk. It was after nine by the time we got there, but they were very accommodating – even serving us 6 portions of delicious “ginger sticky toffee pudding” well after the kitchens had closed! The Langstrath Country Inn is definitely worth a visit if ever you find yourself in need of sustenance around Scafell.

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