Training Sessions without Alice are clearly a bad idea…

On Sunday, despite the fact that Alice couldn’t make it, I finally decided that it was time to actually get in some cold water to accept the reality of what we are trying to achieve…

Clearly I don’t train as well without Alice. Getting into a cold murky lake near reading was not as easy as I’d anticipated. I’ve always ALWAYS been a water baby – I think Daddy had us paddling in the pool before we could even walk and I’ve always felt at home in the water – so I just assumed that this would be easy. Even though the water didn’t exactly look like a caribbean sea…

I was wrong. I had an early morning training session with Clive Anderson – who was fantastic and even kindly suggested I might benefit from reading this training manual…

He was really gentle with me and an absolute fund of knowledge…


But it was much much harder than i’d thought! I should have thought more of it when he asked if I was claustrophobic… When I got in the lake and set off to the nearest boy I was completely amazed to find that I was short of breath, actually I seemed unable to breathe out into the water. It was totally weird. Apparently it’s not uncommon and partly due to the cold, partly due to the darkness of the water and the newness of the experience.


Anyway at least I’ve learnt that i need to forget all my “pool swimming” technique, learn to be much more economical and accept that I naturally veer to the right.

The most significant lesson seems to be that clearly I just shouldn’t go training without Alice… It might not be obvious from my face, but I have to say the experience didn’t fill me with positive thoughts – swimming 350m seemed like a massive achievement let alone 11.5 miles! But I guess at least this just makes it a real challenge! Alice is coming with me next weekend – so I’m looking forward to a much more fun and invigorating swim 🙂 Fingers crossed 😉 !!

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Lake Windermere Swim Booked – A huge Thank You to MyTriEvents!

I was a little alarmed to read today that ‘more people have climbed Everest than have ever made this swim‘!

I don’t know whether it is luck, coincidence or fate, but MyTriEvents have organised a swim of Lake Windermere for the 7th of September this year and they have kindly agreed to give us free entries in support of our fundraising efforts. Thank you Tasha for making this happen!

Our parents are very relieved, to put it mildly and we are thrilled! Although we will now have no excuses for not finishing all in one go. Hopefully swimming as part of an organised event should mean we will be a little safer navigating the surprisingly busy waters and feel more entitled to be in the water.

I am also secretly pretty happy that Alice will have a fair few other people to latch on to if she suddenly imagines that there is a giant sea monster beneath her!

I think we had better start looking for some warm wetsuits!!! Any recommendations welcome!

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