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Day 20: Tongue to John O Groats

Miles travelled: 66

Metres climbed: 1175

So, contrary to Alice’s promise, it was NOT “all down hill to John O Groats”! The day started with some of the toughest climbs we’ve had since Dartmoor!! image

But the views were stunning (pictures to follow…)

By the time we reached Melvich we were all lagging slightly, but after a great soup and toffee apple muffin (highly recommended!) at the Halladale Inn, we were revived and happily the road did begin to flatten out a little :).

We went on through Thurso and the beautiful Dunnet bay… 

 We then had a quick coffee in Castletown, which the lovely Laura at the Castletown hotel refused to let us pay for 🙂

And it was just another 16 miles into quite a strong headwind before we finally made it to John O Groats!


We have all been so touched and grateful for all the support and kindness we’ve received from friends and strangers alike… It’s still hard to believe that we’ve actually made it! Maybe it will feel more real after our “little swim” as Alice calls it… 

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Lake Windermere Swim Booked – A huge Thank You to MyTriEvents!

I was a little alarmed to read today that ‘more people have climbed Everest than have ever made this swim‘!

I don’t know whether it is luck, coincidence or fate, but MyTriEvents have organised a swim of Lake Windermere for the 7th of September this year and they have kindly agreed to give us free entries in support of our fundraising efforts. Thank you Tasha for making this happen!

Our parents are very relieved, to put it mildly and we are thrilled! Although we will now have no excuses for not finishing all in one go. Hopefully swimming as part of an organised event should mean we will be a little safer navigating the surprisingly busy waters and feel more entitled to be in the water.

I am also secretly pretty happy that Alice will have a fair few other people to latch on to if she suddenly imagines that there is a giant sea monster beneath her!

I think we had better start looking for some warm wetsuits!!! Any recommendations welcome!

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A big Thank You!

We are so grateful for so many unexpected acts of kindness! This week a few people who don’t know us personally have sponsored us and we are really touched by the support!  I am sorry that we cannot say thank you more directly to our anonymous donors, but we can at least thank you here and hope that you might see it.

Perhaps even more touching are the words of encouragement from one donor: “You are doing something amazing and my heart goes out to you. It’s people like you that keep the world moving in the right direction. Never lose faith.” You really made our day – Thank you!

We’d love to hear your story if you know someone who has suffered with this disease. We’d also really love to hear if you know anyone who has found any food, treatment or therapy (conventional or otherwise) particularly helpful, as we’d love to share this information with our Dad and others!

Please feel free to:

–       comment on this blog

–       post on

–       email us at:

We are also really grateful to Debbie Waite, who has written a lovely article about our challenge in this week’s Oxford Mail, which you can read here.

All this kindness reminded me of George Saunders’s Commencement speech on kindness, which he gave at Syracuse University. I discovered it by chance a few months ago and shared it with my Dad, who is genuinely the kindest person I know! It made us both cry and is definitely worth reading if you haven’t already. You can read it here. I can’t recommend it enough!


“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.” ~Bob Kerrey

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Parachute Jump for OOSO

In short we are jumping out of a plane to raise money for a local charity – The Oxford Oesophageal and Stomach Cancer Organisation (bit of a mouthful…..ohhh the irony!)

Read on to find out why….

As most of you know, our Dad underwent a brutal, but life-saving esophagectomy in April of this year. The impact of this operation is life-changing for every patient. We were so fortunate to meet Jackie Beaumont, the founder of OOSO, in the days after the operation.

Having been through a similar surgery herself over 5 years ago she provides fantastic inspiration and moral support to the patients and their families at this crucial time. Her positivity and determination were exactly what we needed and we know how much of a difference her presence makes. She was available 24/7 to answer questions and provide the kind of reassurance that can only come from someone who has experienced first-hand what you are going through. It really is hard to put into words how much hope she has given us!

We wanted to show our appreciation for all that she does and help raise funds for her fantastic charitable works!

And why a skydive?

At one of the events arranged by the charity we were inspired by Jacob Davis who lost both his grandfathers to this brutal disease. He kindly donated cakes for her auction, but felt he wanted to do more and decided to jump out of a plane to raise awareness and funds! Our Dad was moved to tears by this generous gesture and we are so happy he has allowed us to join him!

We are aiming to complete our ‘BikeSplashBike’ challenge later in 2014 to raise money for Cancer Research that will go towards studies finding a prevention and cure for this horrible disease. But we hope in doing this we can help support a true local hero, who is supporting those already living with the condition today – and a bit of adventure training never goes amiss!

To sponsor us visit our fundraising page by following this link:

What ever you can give will be amazing – in the words of a hugely successful superstore – “every little helps”!

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